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Are These Apples GMO?

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Taiwo Ayandeyi
3 weeks ago

I think the easiest way to know if you apple is GMO

Take a bite of the apple
Then keep the apple on a plate and notice if the white part turns brown

If the apple is fresh then the white part will quickly turn brownish with 1 min exposure
if the apple is GMO then the white part will take time before it turns brownish around 3 to 5 mins

normal apples when you bite them within a min the white part turn browinsh
so GMO industries came up with a modified apple that you can bite and it wont turn brown quickly
those ones are GMO and of course they have chemicals that prevent natural bacteria breakdown the apple
thats why the white part stays white for a long time

if the natural bacterias in the air cannot decompose a food quickly
then the bacterias inside your gut will not be able to decompose it and you end up eating shaft and chemicals
which piles up to cancer.

Dura Johnson
3 weeks ago

This is hard to tell, do we have GMOs in Nigeria? i doubt