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Let us talk about Apologetics in the bible

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Oluchi Grace
1 year ago

Oluwasegun thanks you did justice to this . I will add that as a child a of God get ready for tribulations in vs 15 it said always be prepared to give answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have but do it in gentleness and respect keeping a clear conscience that means if you answer people wrongly or harshly that means your conscience is not clear so the way we react or answer determines a clear or no clear conscience

Zina Okoye
1 year ago

Thank you so much oluwasegun I really appreciate it
Much love ❤

We need to understand where Apostle Peter started from.
He gave instructions on different matters starting from submission to how believers should be of the same mind and have passion for one another.

Starting from verse 13, he stated that "If you do good, will anyone hurt or harm you? he believes people should not ought you if you a worker of righteousness.

Now in verse 14, he said even if they hurt or man you for doing righteousness, You should be happy about this because you are blessed.
He said if you do good and people troubles you ot threats you, you should never be afraid. Be unmovable with their threats and troubles.

Verse 15, He said in all these, always sanctify the Lord in your heart. That is, God should remain God in your heart, no evil thoughts in your heart in these evil moments when they repay you with evil. So if they now ask you "why are you behaving like a mumi, why are following Christ, why are you devoted to him, why are you committed? He said you should be able yo give a defense response about the hope we have in Christ, how that we have eternal hope in Christ.

So because of this hope, I will be good to people irrespective of their actions to me. I will deal with men with good and clear conscience no matter their wickedness to me.

Verse 16
With all these, if they still call evil doer, they will be ashamed because, how will you do evil to someone and he respond with good yet you call him different names, you blackmail him and yet he was not moved. He stay committed to good works and service to God. They will surely be ashame now.

Like you are unapologetic about your nature which is doing goods always and someone who is doing evil to you, you always do good in return, they person will be ashamed one day that this guy is not moved at all despite my wickedness to him.

He went further that, we should not return evil for evil that it is better to suffer for doing good than to suffer for doing bad.

I hope you understand.