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My Relationship Of 3 Years May End Because Of Wedding Date

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Taiwo Ayandeyi
3 weeks ago

@Dura Johnson, Thank You For Your Response And Advice.

Taiwo Ayandeyi
3 weeks ago

@Delight Thank You For Your Insight And Explicit Advice.

Delight Delight
4 weeks ago

This is beyond anyone.
Great deal of wisdom is needed. Should I say the guy should be grateful that the lady is showing how much distrustful she could be later in the marriage? Or could it be that some things have warranted the ladies feeling of insecurity? As much as it is not a justifiable reason to start throwing attitude up to the extent of not wanting to marry the guy because he postponed the wedding, I think it is something to look into.
On the part of the parents, could it also be because they have their reservations all along and they thought this could be the best time to shoot? Cos if you ask me, your child's decision should be respected as He is old enough (it only shows how much of an interference they will be even after their children are married). As per the lady's mother, could it be that she will be this kind of mother in law? Once her child reports her husband, she would gladly support her to pack out and move back to her parents' home?

So many things running through my mind at this time but let me stop here.

My advice, seek God's face before you choose whether to fight this through or not. It could be for your good you know. It could also be that you need to talk some things through and take certain stands.


Dura Johnson
4 weeks ago

Why are some parents like this for God's sake? Everybody just flexing their Ego. I will suggest that the guy pray about this for a solution because this is seriously beyond me.