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Whose Responsibility Is It To Replace Broken-Down Electricity Transformers?

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Taiwo Ayandeyi
5 months ago

Ideally, it is the job of the local DISCO, not the job of PHCN. PHCN does not exist. Discos and gencos and TCN have replaced it.

But as to why consumers contribute...this one is easy.

Nigerians are not paying cost reflective tarrifs for electricity. Additionally, over 30% of us do not pay for the power we use.(If you think I am lying...google for the PwC report Solving the Liquidity crunch in the power sector).

As a result, your local DISCO is owing money, and at least 3 of them have been taken over by the banks. Up till today...many of our DISCOS have not broken even. THREE of them, and I mean three of them, have been taken over by their creditors, one has been taken over defacto by the government.

Why...because Nigerians do not want to pay their power bills at market price. We think we must have power for free.

Meanwhile, GSM companies, if the antenna spoil, dem go replace am. Your local provision store owner, if he runs out of milk today, he will replace it within a few hours, if not tomorrow latest....because they are allowed to do something the power sector is not allowed to do. Sell at market price.

This is the result of not letting DISCO set prices.....you will be asked to contribute for your generator.

I went to a private school for primary school, and then for secondary school, na government school I go. My school fees in the primary school were at one point three times what I eventually was paying in the government secondary school I went to....yet in the primary school, in over 6 years of being there it was two times I bought exercise book for myself...the second time, because the supplier was late,and I was advised to buy a book...anyway, normal service was resumed in a few days.

When I entered secondary school, I was paying cheap school fees. Guess what......in my six years there I was buying all my exercise books and stationeries and textbooks while there. Something that in my private primary school..they were issuing us textbook.

Let us all pay a cost reflective tarrif.......and you will see your disco provide you with high quality transformer that would last 300 years. Not this one where we pretend power is cheap, and where in some areas half the population thinks it is free of charge. Ok o.

Caleb Adeleye
5 months ago

It's the responsibility of the PHCN,we just have a faulty system that's why residents are contributing to buy transformers. It ought not to be so.