2023 Mathematics Competition

Question 6

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Caleb Adeleye
1 year ago

congratulations @Onuora Chidera your money has been sent to your wallet.

@Isiaka Suarau

Your first attempt, the process you took is a very long one and can hinder your success on that question.

You multiply equation 1 with two, where did you get that from?
I think you want to use Elimination method.

There is no 2 in equation II

You multiply equation I with any parameter in equation II and multiply equation II with any parameter in equation I to have the same value in either of the unknown variables so you can eliminate one.

@Isiaka Suarau once you solve any question, try and substitute the value you get into the equation and check if it will give you the exact value.

For instance
You got X to be 4 and Y to be 2
If you substitute that into equation 1 you will get 8 but if you substitute it into equation 2, you will get 20 which does not correspond with 52 given in the question

@Onuora Chidera Thank you for this explanatpry solution.

You got it right first.

Isiaka Suarau
1 year ago

X=4 and Y=2

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